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15 Unique Transportation Methods You Won’t Believe are Real

We love unique cars here at Shear Comfort. But there are some unique transportation methods in the world you simply won’t believe. And guess what? If you keep reading you can find out how you can try each and every one, no matter how ancient, futuristic, or bizarre they seem.

Ever wanted to ride an ostrich? We got you covered. Have the urge to fly a jet pack? No problem! These are 15 unique transportation methods you won’t believe are real:

15. Flying Car

Ever been stuck in traffic and wished you could just fly over it all? Maybe you’ve dreamt about it or even wished for it to be a possibility someday. Well I am happy to tell you that, yes, the flying car actually exists.

Although there are a few flying car startups out there, AeroMobil’s Flying Roadster 3.0 looks the coolest. According to their website, Slovakia-based AeroMobil’s flying car can go from driving at a speed of 99 mph to soaring through the air at 124 mph and more. No runway required.

Unfortunately, you won’t have one in your driveway (hangar?) quite yet as the vehicle is still in the testing stages. But you’ll eventually be able to skip rush hour traffic as long as you have a gigantic backyard to land in. Interested in testing one? Not sure how likely this would be unless you have a ton of cash to invest but check out AeroMobil’s website’s contact section to ask!

14. Poo-Powered Bus

In late November 2014, the Bio Bus AKA the “Poo Bus” was given the go ahead to transport people between Bristol and Bath in the UK.

As the name implies, the Bio Bus runs on a combination of human waste and food and can travel for 186 miles on a full tank. And no, the “Poo Bus” doesn’t produce much smell because the gas is purified through a filtration system before being released into the air.

Want to ride the eco-friendly “Poo Bus”? Visit Bath Bus Company’s website to book your tickets.

13. Monte Toboggan

In the town of Monte in Portugal’s archipelago of Madeira, you can pay two men dressed in white to push you down a winding hill in a wicker basket at about 30 mph.

Sounds safe right? Well, the tourism companies claim it is, but you can be the judge. However, the scenery is stunning…

Although the ride doesn’t come with a helmet, you and up to two other people can enjoy a ride on a Monte Toboggan for around $40 per person. You can find these Toboggans throughout Monte, but you could always book ahead with these guys.

12. Cambodian Bamboo Train

Head down to Battambang, Cambodia to experience a vehicle made of bamboo. In Khmer, the official language of Cambodia, the Bamboo Train is known as a norry.

According to this really informative blog, the norry is basically a bamboo pallet placed on top of a set of wheels. Although these “trains” were originally used to transport goods, they are now a great source of tourist dollars for the locals.

Apparently the ride is pretty uncomfortable and the bamboo pallets on wheels actually zoom by pretty quickly at 30 mph. But if you happen to be in Battambang, catch a “Bamboo Train” from O Dambong to O Sra Lav for about $10.

11. Zorb

I have to admit, this looks awesome. Who wouldn’t want to fly down a scenic hill in a water-filled bouncy rubber ball?

First played in New Zealand in 1994, “Zorbing” as it is known, is a sport in which up to three people can fly down a hill in a bouncy ball in relative safety.

Although there was a highly publicized tragedy involving a Zorb during the Olympics in Russia in 2013, the sport is normally played in a safe environment on a rolling hill in New Zealand or the USA.

Check out Zorb’s Official Website for booking information.

10. Camel Bus

Cuba’s “Camel Bus” is a combination of a truck and a bus shaped like a camel.

According to this Havana tourism website, the “Camel Bus” is designed to take as many passengers as possible with minimum comfort. If you watch the video you get an idea of how uncomfortable it would be.

However, the Camello as it is known in Spanish is unique to Cuba and an innovative way for a country closed off from much of the outside world to transport people. Regardless of how sketchy and uncomfortable it is.

You can’t ride the famous “Camel Bus” by Havana anymore, but they are still running in much of the rest of the country. Just be sure to watch your wallet as the busses are notorious for pick pockets.

9. Flying Hovercraft

Most hovercrafts, you know, ‘hover’. But this amazing hovercraft actually flies, using water as a runway.

Known as the UH-18SPW Hoverwing, this half boat half plane has been converted from a normal hovercraft to one that flies. According to the Universal Hovercraft website, the Hoverwing can fly up to 10 feet off the water’s surface and has the capacity to hold two to three people.

Is the roughly $100,000 price tag a bit much to purchase? No problem, you can book a flight in New Zealand and you’ll be skimming across a lake, and then flying across it, in no time!

8. Jetpack

I’ve dreamt about it and I am sure you have at some point too. Well, you can stop dreaming, because jetpacks exist.

Another New Zealand-based company, Martin Jetpack, released this ridiculously awesome vehicle in 2010 and was named by Time as one of the top 50 inventions of that year. According to Tech Crunch, the Matin Jetpack will be commercially available for purchase by 2015 for all those who can afford it at a price between $150,000 and $250,000.

Until then, check out the Jetlev-Flyer Water Jetpack that is available for purchase and looks almost as fun as the real thing.

7. Buffalo

Ever dreamed of riding a noble buffalo? I haven’t, but for all those who want to, check out Jack Tran Hoi Eco Tour in Hoi An, Vietnam for the opportunity to ride one of these huge beasts.

Known as the BMWs of Vietnam, water buffalo are traditional beasts of burden in Vietnam that have been used to help in rice farming and other types of heavy labor for thousands of years. They are also heavily revered and are often considered as members of locals’ families.

If you do have the opportunity to ride one of these creatures, please treat it with respect and it will do the same to you.

6. PedalPub

Now we’re talking! This four-wheeled human-powered pub is definitely a unique invention.

Up to 16 people can jump on the PedalPub bike and bar and they can be rented or purchased in the United States at

Although I’m not sure about the legalities of drinking and riding a bike in public in the US, please make sure you are using the bike in a city/region that is licensed to allow it.

5. Yak


In the beautiful mountainous region of Tibet, you can ride one of the traditional animals there, the yak. The furry, horned cow-looking animal is has been employed in Central Asia since ancient times and is even used in the popular Yak Racing sporting event.

If you are visiting Lhasa, Tibet, or parts of Mongolia or Tajikistan, you can go on a Yak-Riding Tour which looks like a fantastic way to engage with the locals, get to know a yak (come on, you’ve always wanted to), and explore the beautiful terrain of Central Asia.

4. Ecoboomer iGo

Not gonna lie, this looks like a mobile toilet. But the Ecoboomer iGo is not a moving bathroom. It is a single-wheeled 500-watt scooter.

According to Gizmag, the 57-lb iGo can go up to 13 mph and has a range of 19 miles on a single charge. A charge, by the way, only takes three hours for the vehicle to be fully ready to roll.

You can see the iGo in action by watching this video, or you can visit Ecoboomer’s website to purchase the vehicle for a reasonable $1,595.

3. Ryno Microcycle

Here is another one-wheeled vehicle, but this one probably makes you look cooler than the iGo. The Ryno Microcycle looks like a motorcycle that has been chopped in half, and seems to be a very versatile, machine, but slightly less efficient than the iGo.

The Ryno can travel for up to 15 miles reaching speeds of 10 mph on a full charge, which takes six hours.

Want one? You can pre-order a Ryno by visiting Ryno Motors’ official website.

2. Ostrich

Slightly less technologically advanced than the last two items on the list, but equally unique and exciting, is ostrich riding. Yes, people do this.

Native to southern and central Africa, the ostrich is a large, powerful, flightless bird that can reach speeds of over 43 mph (take that Ryno Microcycle!).

And if you are tempted to ride one, you can in South Africa at this tourist venue.

1. OneWheel

Finally, the last item on this list is basically a motorized skateboard containing a brushless, hub motor.

It’s actually pretty cool, with self-balancing inertial sensors and hands-free control, this little bit of technology is a futuristic way of getting around, but is already available for preorder here (if they are not sold out).

You can also see some video of the OneWheel in action here.

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