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10 Must-Follow Automotive Instagram Accounts for Car Buffs

As some (or all of you) know, Instagram is an awesome place to get your drool on and check out all the sick cars you want but sadly can never have. Hey, at least there’s that little heart to show your appreciation for your dream cars.

Enough with the words already, let’s get our Insta on and check out some wicked car profiles:

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Top 10 Picks of The Best Instagram Profiles for Car Lovers:

1. eGarage

Simple and to the point. The focus is on the carbon.

2. The Hoonigans

Never a dull moment when you follow the viral race car driver Ken Block and his gang of Hoonigans. Keep up with their latest rides and products.


3. The Smoking Tire

Run by Matt Farah, the host of the car review site and YouTube channel, you’ll be pleased with the stunning shots and witty captions.


4. Auto Couture

Stay up to date on the latest and greatest car projects by the AutoCouture Motoring shop located in New Jersey. The team works on some pretty spectacular whips on the regular.



5. Peter Aylward

Being a major automotive photographer, you can only expect the best in terms of quality car images. Peter does not disappoint.



6. StanceWorks

Another automotive photographer and drool-worthy Instagram profile with a flair for storytelling. Many of their captions are quite creative. Not to mention, the StanceWorks website is awesome.


7. Capturing the Machine

You wanna know what’s cool about this Instagram account run by Kevin McCauley? All of his pics are taken with an iPhone. The quality is solid and the closeup shots are sweet.



8. Magnus Walker

This guy does it all. He’s an author, car builder, collector, public speaker, and a “dRiveR” as stated on his profile. He’s also a Porsche lover. So if you’re also a fan, you’ll love following him and end up liking tons of his Porsche pics.


9. 000magazine

Another Porsche profile worth following. This quarterly magazine uses the power of Instagram to showcase stunning pictures of the German automobile.


10. Amy Shore Photography

Last, but certainly not least, Amy is an amazing automotive photographer who has won awards for her pro skills. You really get a sense of her personality through her images and captions.

For those who love cars, these Instagram accounts are must-follows. You will drool over their wicked whip pics.



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