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Drive Like a Celebrity: Cars Owned by Oscar Winners

Are you excited for this year’s red carpet Academy Awards?

Each year, we see A-list actors and actresses dressed in fancy dresses and very expensive suits at the Oscars. Walking down the red carpet, their performances and “who they are wearing” are the hot topics of discussion. With the usual suspects like George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt, and Julia Roberts making an appearance, we can always expect some of the best dressed, most famous actors and actresses to come out to this event.  

But what about when they are not showing up, dressed to the nines, at the highly anticipated award ceremony? They can’t look this fantastic every day, right? Well…

When A-list celebs are not on the red carpet event, they not only live, for the most part, in million dollar homes, but some also drive very luxurious cars. While I cannot speak for all celebrities, as some actually own very economical cars, these 5 Oscar-winning actors and actresses have chosen to invest a little bit more into their daily driver and we love them for it. It gives us something to drool over!

Check out these 5 Oscar-winning celebrity cars! Much like their attire for the big night, they all cost an arm and a leg.


Matthew McConaughey’s Jet Black 1980 Camaro Z28


“Sometimes, I feel I’m fighting for a life that I just ain’t got the time to live. I want it all to mean something.” – Ron Woodroof, played by Matthew McConaughey – Dallas Buyers Club

Oscar-winner, Matthew McConaughey, earned his first Academy Award for his heart-wrenching performance in Dallas Buyers Club (2013). McConaughey has come a long way since his rom-com days though that’s for sure!  More importantly for us car enthusiasts, he also has a full garage next to his million dollar mansion in his hometown of Austin, Texas.

One of the most luxurious cars in his garage is the Lincoln MKX, which seems most fitting since he has starred in several Lincoln commercials. As an ambassador for the luxury automotive company, McConaughey actually drives what he advertises, having said that likes Lincoln for its simplicity; how it feels and drives, and has been spotted driving around in his metallic black Lincoln MKX.

But what I think shows his true colors and love for cars is his 19 80s Camaro Z28. There’s no joking about his love for his jet black Camaro, a dream car since his teen years and a gift from his wife, Camille Alves. Powered by a 350-CID V8 engine this second generation fastback coupe delivers 190 hp, but it still considered to be GM’s “Maximum Camaro”, letting McConaughey can take his dream car for a little joy ride. Alright, alright, alright! Nice sports car McConaughey!

Before we move to the next Oscar-winner and their car, just for fun, let’s be reminded of the Lincoln ad that got everyone talking:

Sandra Bullock’s Mercedes Benz GL550


“You threaten my son, you threaten me.” — Leigh Anne Tuohy, played by Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side

Sandra Bullock has gone from Miss Congeniality to Miss No. 1 Mom-of-the-Year on the big screen and off. After winning an Oscar for her performance as a loving mother in The Blind Side in 2009 and shortly after, her widely publicized divorce, Bullock is now a proud single mom of two children, Louis and Laila. She’s proven herself not only to be a talented actress, but an amazing mother.

So why not reward herself with a bit of luxury, right? More like a lot of luxury with her Mercedes-Benz GL550 that cost just around $85,000. But really that type of cash is nothing, considering her net worth. The 7-seater luxury SUV isn’t as crazy a purchase as other celebrities’ cars. Cough, Kim Kardashian, cough.


Even still, the SUV is jam-packed with fancy features, like 10-way power seats, a rearview camera, and of course, a GPS navigator with satellite radio. But if Bullock opted for additional features, which I’d like to think she did, she may also have a heated steering wheel, rear entertainment system and rear heated seats for her two kids. As far as performance for this Mercedes Benz, it is likely to find a fully loaded V8 5.5-liter engine with a 7-speed transmission boasting 382 HP and lets Bullock accelerate from 0-60 in a reasonable 6.4 seconds and speed to the rescue at 130 mph.

Oh did I mention that this A-list actress’ Mercedes is completely blacked out and its interior is decked with luxurious walnut wood and only the best leather? Now that’s pretty celebrity-like.

Sandra Bullock’s cars also include the Mercedes-Benz, a Toyota Prius, and an Audi A6 Wagon.


Leonardo DiCaprio and his Karma


“As long as you can still grab a breath, you fight. You breathe…keep breathing.” – Hugh Glass, played by Leonardo DiCaprio – The Revenant

Yes! Finally, Leo won his Oscar in 2016. But of course, there was controversy for some thought previous performances were more deserving than his Oscar-winning role as Hugh Glass in The Revenant. Putting Hollywood politics aside, Leo has made his mark on movie history for many of his performances, whether it be the unforgettable, love-sick Jack Dawson or, in more recent years, the outlandish penny stockbroker, Jordan Belfort, in Wolf on Wall Street; whom you can read more about in Most Memorable Fictional Characters and Their Cars.

So, without further ado, let me tell you about his Karma. No I am not talking about the belief of what goes around comes around, but rather his car that costed $103,000 at its base price  made by Fisker. For those unfamiliar with Fisker Automotive, it was an American company dedicated to manufacturing electric vehicles (EV). The EV company was founded in 2007 by Henrik Fisker, former designer for Aston Martin and BMW. Unfortunately, Fisker ceased operation in 2013 and ended up rebranding itself as Karma Automotive and renamed its EV Revero, which is still based on the car Leo’s been spotted in. Let’s take a look at what this EV has to offer.

Not only does it look like something from the future, but Fisker definitely attempted to develop advanced EV technological. The plug-in hybrid sports car can run on its electric battery for around 50 miles, but when its gas engine and electric generator are in use, the EV can travel up to 250 miles. When the car is in full EV mode, known as Stealth Mode, it maxes out at 95 mph and hits 0-60 time is 7.9 seconds. Not too shabby considering it is running entirely on the electric battery. However, when the engine and generator are activated, known as Sports Mode, the top speed goes up to 127 mph and its 0-60 time is 5.9 seconds.

Take a close look at the picture of the Karma. You see a tailpipe right? While what appears to be a tailpipe, are actually speakers. These speakers are there to broadcast synthesized engine sounds.

Leo DiCaprio’s car collection also consist of a Porsche Cayenne and he has been spotted driving another EV from the well-known automaker Tesla. Kudos to you, Leo, for being as green as possible! This should not come as a surprise considering he is the founder of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation dedicated to protecting wildlife and endangered ecosystems, among other various projects the foundations sets out to do to help the Earth.

Of course, Jay Leno, as well as many other automotive influencers, had his own opinion about the Fisker Karma. Henrik Fisker explains how his EV is different from all the rest. Check it out!

Natalie Portman’s Mercedes S400 Hybrid


“I just want to be perfect.” – Nina Sayers, played by Natalie Portman in The Black Swan

And perfect she was in her performance as the Swan Queen!

Oh Natalie Portman, how you’ve found a special place in my heart over the years with your chameleon-like talents! Whether it be her heart-warming performance in the very recent Jackie, which has her nominated for another Oscar at the 2017 Academy Awards, airing Sunday, February 26th, or her freakishly scary role as Nina Sayers, the Swan Queen, in The Black Swan, which led her to win her very first Oscar in 2010. Not to mention making her the first Oscar-winning millennial. You go girl!

So what does this A-list actress drive when she’s not at the Oscars walking down that luscious red carpet? There’s just something about Mercedes and celebrity car collections that go hand-in-hand. Celebrities love their luxury cars and Mercedes seems to be a top pick for many. Though, this may have not always been Portman’s car of choice, as she used to drive a Toyota Prius, but she has upgraded and now drives a Mercedes S-Class Hybrid that has a base price of approximately $91,850. That’s a big jump from her $30,000 Prius, but when you’re Natalie Portman and you’ve just won yourself one of those gold statues, why not?

Now, what’s nice about this Mercedes is that it is a hybrid. The luxury car is equipped with standard a standard 3.5-liter V6 gas engine paired with an electric motor with 15 kW/20 hp. Unlike the Fisker Karma, the S400 is not able to be driven completely on electric power, but rather uses Integrated Motor Assist technology to help the 275 horsepower engine reduce the gas used while driving. With its quilted leather and Eucalyptus wood trim, Portman drives in both luxury and comfort.  

Nice ride Portman! Good luck at the Oscars!


Not all celebs invest in an expensive car. Matt Damon and Will Ferrell, for instance, have both been spotted driving an economical Toyota Prius. In my opinion, seeing the very tall Will Ferrell drive the, very small, Prius is a sight all on its own! But as you see now, these 5 A-list Oscar-winners have upgraded to either sportier or more luxurious cars. After seeing these celebrities and their cars, I think it is safe to say that we might love them not just for their million dollar performances, for but their taste in cars.

Who do you think will win Best Actor or Best Actress? But more importantly, out of this list of celebrities cars, who do you think should with the Best Car award? Cast your vote below!

Good luck to all the nominees! I know I’ll be catching the red carpet event!

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