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6 Unusual and Weird Cars

When you get your first car, or even your fourth, you want it to make the right statement about you. Your car’s an extension to your daily life, right? So you want to choose something that embodies YOU. But what if nothing on the sales lot clicks with you? Don’t let the car lot define you – check out how some people modified or built their vehicles to really make a statement.

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Here are our favorite 6 Weird Cars (and other wheeled vehicles):

1) Santa’s Little Helper


If you get excited months before Christmas and get giddy when you head to the mall and hear that first holiday song. You’re the first to put up the decorations. And nothing, absolutely nothing, gets rid of your holiday cheer. Show off with a decked out Christmas car that will light up everyone’s heart when you drive by. You may not be Santa, but you are the next best thing. Source: Modification Car

2) Rock N’ Roll King


Do you want to rock? Do you want to party all night? Then you should roll in one of these truly weird cars. You are the know-it-all when it comes to rocking, to rolling, and the king of partying. This decked out automobile screams all the right notes. Rocking it out is not just a pastime, it’s the only way you spend your time. Show your rocking good personality with this Kiss mobile. Source: Acid Cow

3) The Purrrfect Ride


You cat is your best friend and you are proud of it. Let the world know that you love your cat. Just like you rely on your vehicle to get you where you need to go, you rely on your feline friends. While your car is out there on the road, your cat’s waiting in your house. It only makes sense to pay a tribute to him or her and be a feline auto fanatic. This is a purrrfectly suited car. No one will think you’re the crazy cat lady with this ride, right? To show you’re extra serious about loving you cat, make sure that you license plate reads “ILU-CAT”, “CATCRAY” or finally “MEO-WWW”. Source: Dunk the Funk’s Flickr Page

4) A Hamburger is not just a Hamburger


If you relationship with food is better than your current love life. You understand the intricacy that it takes to make a fantastic dish at a restaurant. Your relationship with food is build on on respect and pure enjoyment of every last morsel. But you also enjoy the simplest of meals, like a good burger and fries. In short, you’re a foodie. What better way to express your love of food and proudly declare to the world. “I am a foodie” with the Dodge Ramburger. Foodies all over town will salute your dedication to food and commend you for taking it to that next level. Now, the only thing that you need next is a side car of fries. Source: TopSpeed


5) Weird Cars – Big Mouth



You like to talk about everyone and everything. There is no shame in being a gabby Gabe, a chatty Kathy, or a talking Tom. You might as well admit it and choose a car that embodies your true, bigmouth, self. Let ’em all know that you love you big ol’ mouth. You are the talk of the party, you talk about the party, you create the party. What better way to show your gifted mouth of than with this Mouthstang, the conversation king among the weird cars. Source: Dave’s Photo World

 6) Fashion and the Furious


If you are a shoe lover, this is the right car for you. Love stilettos or cute little pumps? Why not try this on for size? Drive around town in this sexy little devil of a shoe that all the ladies will surely be jealous of. The only thing that makes more of a statement about a woman than her car are her shoes. You’re a fashionista, so why not flaunt your fashion sense off with this Jimmy Cooper. Source: ClickyPix

If you liked these, check out Houston’s annual Art Car Parade. Just this past year, there were tons of unusual contestants – you can get inspiration from these to create your own vehicle.

Know some other strange vehicles and weird cars that should be on this list? Post a comment and let us know.

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    Wow some of these are unbelievable!

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      Glad you like them! There are definitely some Creative Auto Bodies here. I am actually writing a new post on some more cool cars that are made of different materials that are somewhat unusual so keep an eye out for that this coming week.

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